Tuesday, April 26, 2011

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All right.. what is something that you are doing differently because of something in this class..  Have you used a technology outside of class projects? have you changed how you looked at something? Has your perspective changed at all? 

Let me know what if anything changed and how you can continue anything positive in the future.

How about you all just reply here as a comment..?? whatdaya think?

Dr. CUllen


Mrs. Cook's Class said...

After taking this class, I can say that I now appreciate technology in the classroom and in my graduate studies tons more than I did in January. In the past I have been frustrated with technology for its complexity. Now I appreciate it because I see it as a tool. It makes life easier. I don't always have to work so hard or do it the hard way. Since this class has given me lots of exposure and practice using different modes of technology, I can teach it to colleagues and students. I now have an appreciation for a professional development plan. I spend so much time on planning for my students and family in my personal life but I wasn't thinking about my own goals and needs. I also learned that giving my first graders so much freedom on websites they go to during free time is a horrible idea! Just like any other area of teaching, kids need specific guidelines and boundaries set when it comes to using technology. Last, I now know the gravity of the imprint we make in cyberspace every time we type a word. Our cyber bulling lessons opened my eyes to a whole world I wasn't even aware of.

africanqueen said...

This class was definitely a challenge for me. However, that is why I took it. One of the things that I will truly use in the future is the notebook on the smartboard. That will truly change my lessons. I honestly can't wait to redo my lessons for next year. My kids will love it! One other collegue has already asked my about it. So I WILL use the things that we have learned in class. And because of this class, I was able to get a flip camera. THANKS, Dr. Cullen.

Katie said...

I don't think it would come as a surprise to anyone that I am not described as "techy." I will admit when I got my iPhone, it took me almost a month to learn how to use it. So when I found out I had to take a class on technology with the intention that I would use that informat
ion in an actual classroom, a little part of me wept. The first night of class people mentioned SMARTboards, Elmos, InFocus, and tablets. I'm sure other things were mentioned too, but I was also certain you were all speaking some secret teacher language I hadn't learned yet.
Now, having taken this class (while no one would yet accuse me of being technologically gifted, by any means) I am much more confident in my capabilities when it comes to using technology in the classroom.
I learned so much this semester--taking 12 graduate hours will do that to you--but especially in this class. I admit, I still don't know all the ends and outs of a SMARTboard or Audacity or even my Flip cam, but I am a lot better than I was when these words were as foreign to me as the entire Greek language.
In no other class that I have taken have I learned so much practical knowledge that is applicable immediately. (Call me a Suck Up if you must, but its absolutely true.)
Like Jodie said in her post, I used to be so frustrated by technology and always marveled at people who always had the newest this and that as well as the knowledge to use it, it is with the information I have learned in this class that I am able to aspire to be "one of those" some day. I am able to appreciate technology more now rather than suffer through it as a means to an end.

Katherine said...

Before Teaching with Technology I had absolutely no clue how I could potentially integrate technology into my future classroom. I did not even know the different types of educational technology that were out there. However, now I not only feel comfortable using the technologies we have specifically addressed, but I also feel comfortable searching out other technologies and learning opportunities on my own. For me, the most important perspective change I made was in recognizing the importance of continuing to actively learn about technology, and ultimately creating a professional development plan. My plan gave me a direction to learn more, and it actually feels achievable. Most importantly, this class gave me the confidence that I could learn how to do the things I see experienced teachers doing, and it also gave me the first push in the right direction. I will absolutely continue to keep a blog, although it may not be related to teaching to with technology. I will continue to compile online resources for future classrooms, and I will try to follow through with my professional development plan to make me not only a better teacher, but hopefully more appealing to future employers (fingers-crossed).

Another way this class has changed my views is it has made me more comfortable asking other teachers for help and suggestions. This is an invaluable perspective shift because as a new teacher there is a lot I do not know! The class dynamic and encouragement was amazing, and I want to the thank not only Dr. Cullen, but the entire class for making this such an enjoyable, comfortable, and inspiring learning experience. You have all increased my confidence in not only technology, but my future teaching. Good Luck to all!

Roxie Hill said...

Thanks to you and the ideas in which you have exposed me to, I now have a purpose driven mission.I have always embraced technology and am always looking for a new challenge. After our meeting along with the compilation of discussions and projects covered in this course I have a greater passion to share these ideas with others. Each topic and discussion we had in this class was truly relevant and as Katie mentioned, everything covered was immediately applicable. Now for my focus and mission, I didn't realize my needs nor the importance of devising a professional development plan, in how it can provide me guidance and direction in my new position. Thanks again.

Emily said...

There are a few major ways in which my thinking about technology integration has changed.

First, I recognize the seriousness of cyberbullying. Before this class, I don't think I had ever thought about cyberbullying. Now I realize that creating a safe environment online, as well as in the classroom, is so important, if not necessary, for learning.

Second, I realize how many tools and technologies are available. Not only that, but many of them are available online for free.

Finally, I feel super cool saying things like, "What? Oh, I'm just embedding a PowerPoint into my wiki." or "Just a minute. I'm almost finished editing my video file on iMovie." What's so cool about this is not that I get to appear techy but that I actually have some idea of what I am talking about. The barrier that was keeping me from feeling confident and trying new technologies was a sense of ignorance. I believed that if I didn't know everything, I didn't know anything. Now I understand that if I wait until I know everything, I won't ever use technology in my classroom. Additionally, it is nearly impossible to try to incorporate technology without something messing up. Messing up is just part of the process, and it's okay if I need help sometimes. I can try, and fail, and try again. And still use cool words like "embed" and "wiki."

M. Redbird said...

This class has been very rewarding! I have learned a lot about using technology in the classroom. I especially enjoyed learning new skills and using those skills to make an audio and a video file. I feel like I have really expanded my experience. The SmartBoard activities were also very informative and I hope I get to use a SmartBoard in the near future! The Professional Development Plan was very useful and applies directly to my professional life. I am excited to take the things I have learned here and apply them to my work, my life, and to further my education. Thank you for a wonderful class and for the wonderful learning experiences!

Mrs. Rulison said...

At the outset of this class, I was determined to incorporate as much of the technology I could learn into my classroom instruction even though I felt I have very limited resources. Because of this class, I was able to confidently un-shrinkwrap my Mobi and use it effectively, I learned how to use my new digital camera and edit a video(not perfectly, but I'm a work in progress), I borrowed a set of clickers that I am using for quick assessments, I set up a classroom wiki and used it for novel discussions (which my students have been begging to do more of), and I discovered that with all the "free stuff" on the internet, my resources are not as limited as I once thought. More importantly, however, was I realized how much fun it is to spring a new way of learning on my students. It keeps them from thinking I'm such an old "fogey"! It has given me a new area to explore and one that will keep me from getting in a rut or burned out, since there will always be something new technologically to explore.