Monday, February 20, 2012

Common Core and Technology

There are lots of things out there on the Common Core and Technology, I have done a little searching even on Pinterest there are a lot of ideas.   Find resources at some place other than the State of Oklahoma Department of Education that suggests how students could be better prepared for the common core using technology. 
Share the link, critique it, and talk about how it could look in a real classroom.. (ie is it realistic? what problems might you encounter if you try it? )

We will talk about these in Class on March 2nd..  Looking forward to great ideas!

Dr. Cullen

Monday, February 6, 2012

Who benefits from Technology in the Classroom!

This article was published this weekend in the LA Times..,0,639053.column  ..

Do you think that the integration of technology is really a racket to make money for business? Does movements to use more technology in classrooms have our students' best interests in mind?

Read the article and share your thoughts on it.. we will discuss it face to face next week..

Dr. Cullen